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99 NoveNove World Cup Slalom Surfbrett Auslauf 2017 - 129L

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99NoveNove WORLD CUP SLALOM 2017


Precision, creative thinking and a wealth of testing and development experience. These are the deciding factors that dictate the overall performance of our most technical designs on offer to date.

The mandate for 2017 was to fine-tune and further develop the very successful 2016 concepts and basic features. The result? A selection of boards that have exhibited breathtaking top speeds and fierce acceleration, whilst maintaining our market renowned excellent control and gybing characteristics.

The addition of two new sizes: 109 (69.5 wide) and the 129 (82.5) wide completes our range to provide 3 sizes for lighter sailors (89, 109, 129) and three sizes for heavier sailors (99, 119, 139), accommodating all those who wish to compete in their local weekend racing series up to the highest level of the PWA.

Why us and what sets our boards apart from the competition? The answer is easy. For 2017, designer and shaper Finian Maynard thought outside the 'normal and standard' to create an all new tail cutout backend that is the ultimate combination of speed, control, acceleration and fast gybes. Working closely together on the testing and development with top ranked team-rider Pascal Toselli (currently 4th overall in the PWA), the progressions made forward were both concrete and simply mouth-watering.

No other brand has developed their performance critical backend release systems as much as we have in the past two years and the feeling on the water tells the truth.
If you are tired of buying boards that have either a tiny gain or no gain at all from the previous generation, then it is time to consider switching to our market reference WCSL line of weapons!


  • Diamond fin plate cutouts: The area around the fin is critical to performance in a slalom board. Too wide and long creates control but lacks acceleration, too narrow and short means a nervous and physical ride. So with this in mind we performed a wide variety of tests to find the best compromise and solution. The result: a stepped, diamond shaped 10mm cutout that radically increases the top speed and acceleration, but we maintained the control and drive by keeping the board outline area behind the diamond cutout stopping the board from lifting too much in the gusts, a 'trim tab' effect seen with racing powerboats. All positive and no negative points to this all new feature, simply fantastic!
  • Stabilizer plate curve: The way the industry standard double outline is designed underneath your back foot towards the front foot is absolutely key in setting the trim of the board in terms of matching the scoop rocker line, bottom shape and outline. Too cut out or narrow and the board can suffer with control and drive in chop or over-powered conditions. Too wide in the outline between the feet can mean less speed, so we have come up with an excellent compromise in the underneath outline that maintains comfort and control, but has excellent acceleration and top speed by having the last 3cm curve drastically inwards releasing the drag exactly at the last water release point before the cutouts around the fin box begin.
The results from the testing were clear, this new design was a significant step forward releasing the back foot pressure whilst having insane acceleration/top speed and even helping the planing, which was an added bonus.

  • Ultra comfortable front and back foot rail shapes, the easiest ride for your feet available on the market.
  • Scoop rocker lines and advanced bottom shapes dedicated to each model that work in all sea and wind conditions.
  • Best construction in the industry hands down utilizing our exclusive (and expensive) spread tow flat-braid Dynanotech carbon fiber, the ultimate weave available in the composites industry today for high performance and light weight products (used by all F1 teams). Our strength to weight to stiffness ratio is superior to all other brands who currently use less expensive biax carbon that absorbs more resin for its' given cloth weight (also softer and more prone to breaking down over time).
  • Additionally our clear, see through carbon look deck lamination is simply unique and 'cool'.
  • 10mm moulded deck pads for the ultimate in shock absorption and comfort. Don?t believe it when brands tell you they use thin pads to 'save weight' because modern slalom sailing is more powerful and faster than ever, so ultimately you need as much shock absorption as possible. This feature along with the great rail shapes means you will sail faster for longer.
  • Harmonious deck concave shape between the front footstraps and the mast box for easy gybing and comfortable transitions.
  • Full biax carbon layer under the pvc deck sandwich (not the usual soft feeling and cheaper glass fiber) covering the entire tail area from the mast track to the back foot for that extra crisp and responsive feeling where it matters the most.
  • Reinforced tuttle boxes with additional carbon layers to handle the sideways forces generated from the powerful modern slalom fins.


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